The Company

BottledBy is a new independent games studio based in Brighton on the South coast of the UK, founded by four talented industry veterans following the sad demise of Relentless Software, one of UK's longest running independent games companies. Our mission is to make fun, creative and charming experiences that people want to talk about and share with their friends. Our first unannounced title is well under way and we’re very excited to be announcing more details soon.

The Founders


Since I was 14 I’ve wanted to be a game developer. One of my first experiences developing games was modding The Sims to make my sims blue, a simple task but set me down the road to becoming a VR obsessed game developer.

My first job in the games industry was at a simulation company where we made serious games for training, some of them were seriously cool. It was that job that got me into virtual reality, which we used extensively at the cutting edge level. But I wanted to exercise my creative muscles and move to something more fun orientated, so I joined the ranks of Relentless. I worked on so many amazing projects, ranging from interconnected social quizzes to virtual reality investigations. In both offices, I became known as the ‘VR guy’.

I feel ready to take my ambitions to the next level with BottledBy, with pioneering VR technology, the fun and social experiences of Relentless and a drive to delve deep into the wonderful crazy world of the games industry!


Ever since the first time I put a needle on a piece of vinyl aged 7 I’ve been fascinated with the way that sound works. When I first entered a West London recording studio aged 16 I knew it was the kind of place in which I needed to spend my life. When I was shown aged 25 that game development would give me the ability to author and control an infinite number of sounds in an infinite number of worlds I knew it would be something I’d pursue forever.

My time tends to focus on how to provide players with audio that will be thoroughly satisfying and charged with emotion. I relish the opportunity to discover new ways to do this with all the amazing developers I get to meet. I can offer advice and expertise in all areas of interactive sound design and implementation, based on 11 years as the in-house audio expert at BAFTA winning studio Relentless Software. I have credits on games selling in excess of 10 million units.


Since creating tiny, blocky and some might say deranged sprites on my Atari ST I've always had a fascination for creating game worlds. After finishing school I suspected entering the games industry would require not only raw enthusiasm, but formal qualifications, so I enrolled at university to complete a 3 year Computing degree.

I’ve written a number of personal games and a handful are publicly available, including Duck Punting, previously available on the App Store and 3030 Deathwar available on Steam. I’ve been in the industry, too - but always working on someone else’s game.

Games are a very unique art form, an ever increasingly interactive medium - and with VR, even more immersive and exciting. But they're also small, fun and often feature deranged sprites. I always wanted to work doing something I love. BottledBy is all of this: I use the skills I’ve developed over the years, learn all the time and create great games. I often find myself quoting films without realising they're quotes.


Growing up as the 3rd child of Hong Kong immigrants, I've always known from an early age I didn't want to cook noodles all my life. Instead I doodled and taught myself to create objects in 3D on my computer after work. I loved games especially arcade games, it was social where people played with or against each other. I knew from then on that I wanted to make games that were inclusive.

I randomly got my first games job talking to someone at a bar after noticing their business card. I mentioned I "did a bit of 3D" and sent in examples of my art, they asked me to come in for a chat - I got given a job. I've been working in games ever since, honing and developing my skills. I have developed games for multiple BUZZ! titles, Blue Toad Murder Files, Enigma Express, The Trace and Hasbro projects on both mobile platforms and consoles.

I've always loved charming and quirky games. BottledBy is the marriage of my love of unconventional games and the experience I have gained over the years in the industry. With the creative freedom we have at BottledBy, the sky’s the limit.


We’ve been successfully making great games with the Unity game engine for years. Tapping into over 35 years of industry experience between us, we’re able to provide a one-stop-shop for all your game development needs.

  • Game concepting and development
  • Mobile apps
  • Tech prototypes
  • Cross-platform development
  • Console development
  • Bespoke 2D and 3D art generation
  • Concepts and high resolution models
  • Interactive audio systems
  • Music and sound design
  • Tech consultancy
  • VR & AR

We want to help you in any way we can - be it with ideas, project development or knowing what the best place to eat in Brighton might be! We’re a friendly bunch always looking to improve what we offer, so get in touch and let’s have a chat about whatever it is you need.

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